Workplace Campaign Central

For more information about OUR 2024-2025 Campaign, please call 785-827-1312 .

Thank you for being a part of Salina Area United Way's 2024-2025 Workplace Campaign! A successful engagement effort is all about preparation and collaboration, and we understand that you go above and beyond your normal job duties to advocate for the Salina Area United Way.

We are forever grateful for your dedication and help!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you run a successful United Way campaign.

  • Set your campaign dates and goals (number of participants, dollars to be raised, number of events)
  • Get support from your CEO, communications/marketing manager and HR
  • Send reminders to employees about donating to the United Way
  • Get the word out about special events - bake sales, nacho bar, chili cook-off, or silent auction
  • Invite a United Way employee to present at meetings and special events 
  • Create giving options like Jean’s Day, raffles, pay-to-play
  • Collect donations and pledge forms
  • Announce your results
  • Invite a United Way employee to the wrap-up meeting
  • Post results and celebrations on social media
  • Invite colleagues to United Way events throughout the year

For Workplace Campaign items and Program Information, please click here.

Contact us to reserve a date and time for a Salina Area United Way representative to come and speak to your staff today!