A Revised Mission and Vision!

September 19th is going to be a big day!  Not only will the Salina Area United Way be kicking off our 2016 year with a fun family event in Oakdale Park, we will also be ‘officially’ unveiling our new mission and vision.  However, because we like you, you get to read about them here first! 

This winter, our Community Engagement Team (CET) began exploring the idea of re-stating our mission and vision statements.  As we have been evolving into a much broader community impact organization, we have seen the need to simplify our message.  The CET felt that our Mission Statement was just the place to do that!  After a wonderful team retreat, and lots of hours of brainstorming and discussion we settled on two things:  A short mission statement that that would quickly guide all staff, board members and volunteers in every decision we made; and a VISUAL (yes, there are no words!) vision statement that would quickly and easily convey our vision to the public.  With the help of the very talented Michael Freeland of Mr. Freeland Design, we were able to come up with wonderful visuals that met all of our needs.  Without further ado:

Strengthening Our Community

Salina Area United Way’s Visual Vision

Please join us at Oakdale Park from 2-5pm on September 19th.  There will be fun, games, music, snacks and a strongman show…all for free!  See the link above for more details!