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Full Circle: A UCP Success Story

Pam Suenram has three kids, a loving husband of 31 years, three cats and two dogs. She also has 20 years under her belt in Physical Therapy at St. John’s Hospital. To hear her talk about anything is contagious- the listener can’t help but become engrossed in her stories. Sometimes Pam has trouble finding the right words though, because she has Multiple Sclerosis, or MS.

Financial Assistance: A Salina Child Care Association Success Story

“My name is Kaitlyn and through United Way scholarship funding, my son Izzaiah has been able to receive quality early childhood education at Salina Child Care Association. Izzaiah just turned five years old and has been attending Salina Child Care since August 2010. When Izzaiah started at Salina Child Care we received assistance from Head Start while my husband and I worked full time.

Moving Forward: A Catholic Charities Success Story

Hi. My name is Lorna. I want to tell you about myself and my family. I have a daughter, granddaughter, and a son who is disabled. They are my life! I moved here from California to give them all a better life away from the gangs and violence we’d experienced. After moving here, I experienced kidney failure and other numerous health problems. I was at the lowest point in my life. I came to Catholic Charities seeking help after all my medical problems and financial crisis.

Finding Support: A Big Brothers Big Sisters Salina Success Story

At 7 years of age, Angel is the younger of two Hispanic children. He is in the third grade at school, where he has struggled with academic performance, school preparation, and overall behavior. He is the son of a single mother; his father is currently incarcerated, making him an inconsistent figure and constant reminder of Angel’s precarious family situation. On the outside, Angel is a loving young boy who enjoys nearly every activity he has participated in.

Hand Up: An MLKJ Child Development Center Success Story

In 2012, Erika and her family were going through some hard times financially. She often didn’t have enough money to pay for her child to attend daycare at Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center at full price each week. Worrying about paying for her child’s daycare was stressing her out nightly. She was worried about paying not only upcoming dues but also her current balance, which was nearing the $300.00 mark. Erika realized she needed help and set up a meeting with Karen, MLK Director.