2019 Board of Directors Continued

Daniel Craig

United Priority Council

Daniel is the Tobacco Program Coordinator for Central Kansas Foundation. He has a strong background in planning and coordinating health promotion and tobacco prevention activities. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Pittsburg State University in 2004. He obtained his Master's of Science degree in Health Promotion & Wellness Management at Missouri State University in 2006. He is also an avid runner and competes in numerous 5K and marathon races.

Daniel supports SAUW and numerous other organizations and coalitions. He currently serves on the Saline County Tobacco use Prevention Coalition and Live Well Saline County. He is also currently the Chair of the Primary Prevention Committee for the Chronic Disease Alliance of Kansas and is the North Central Regional Representative on the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition Board.


Marcia Demuth

Marcia received her BS in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix Online. Since then she has held several positions with Girl Scouts, St. John’s Military School, and the Salina Art Center. She is currently the Events Coordinator at the Salina Journal.

Marcia has volunteered for United Way and worked with UPC for several years. When she was asked to serve an unexpired board term, she saw it as an opportunity to play a larger role in making changes in the community.

Growing up, Marcia lived in North Central Kansas, graduation from Beloit Junior-Senior High, in Beloit Kansas. She has currently lived in Salina for 26 years. One of the many things she loves about Salina is how everyone works together to build a nurturing, safe, and engaged community. In the next few years Marcia would like to see continued improvements in three priority areas; Education, Income, and Health. She seeks to impact more individuals while working towards strengthening our community.

Marcia and husband Gary, who works as a reporter with the Salina Journal, have 2 grown children, Shelia and Patrick. Shelia and her 2 beautiful daughters live in Manhattan, while Patrick resides in Wichita.


Michael Freeland

Michael was born and raised in Salina, Kansas. He graduated from Salina South High School in 1998 and then from Kansas State University in 2002. He has lived in Salina for most of his life except for 10 years he spent in Texas. He worked at PBS - Smoky Hills Public Television for 1 year, Assurance Partners for 2.5 years and he is now on his own with Mr. Freeland Design.
Michael wants to see residents of Salina become more engaged and involved. He wants to help SAUW spread the message of hope.
Michael is married to Kristina Freeland, who is an LCPC at Blue Sky Perspectives. He has two sons.
Michael would like to see more young professionals stay in Salina as a part of the workforce. He would like to see more families get involved in community events.


Julia Ramos

Julia, a graduate of Salina High School South and Kansas State University, has been back in the Salina area for three years. Currently, Julia works for the City of Salina in the Community Relations Division as a Community Relations Specialist.

Julia and her son have enjoyed what Salina has been offering since their return back to town, and she's been volunteering as a way to give back to the community.

"It would be great to see a more united community working towards a positive city environment. I would like to see the community come together and work on goals that would continue to lead Salina towards [being] a more stable, healthy, and safe community."

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